Our Mission:

At Arizona Essential Health Caregiver & Manager Training (AZEHCAM), our utmost desire is to transform healthcare as our contribution to society, to share our love for caring; as we train and teach individual student the true meaning and significance of care, based on experience as caregiver and manager of ALF, eventually molding them to become proficient in delivering authentic service, assisting and caring for all clients in need. Because we believe that only those who genuinely care enough can only be compelled to teach and share the love for caring, therefore, We teach because we care!

Our Vision:

Our students will be successful learners and professionals who will deliver excellent healthcare to any client in need of service. We see them fulfilled in their chosen career, making a difference as they embrace the full richness and diversity of our community. Our graduates are foreseen as a quality group of individuals who intend to be good members of society making positive contributions wherever they reside.

Our Educators:

Our group of mentors is qualified and well experienced registered nurses with goals to share their knowledge and passion for caring. With the same belief that every client deserves quality care, we strive to deliver extensive and individualized training as the way to mold our students to become the best among the healthcare world experts.

Our Core Values:

  1. We value compassionate care and respect, faith and beliefs of each unique individual which is essential to care
  2. We believe that any individual is made to care and longs to be cared for, so we value the quality of care that we give to our clients, therefore we teach our students with passion, having our mission and vision in mind.
  3. We are here to build a culture of kindness and belongingness, where everyone feels significant and welcome.
  4. We give importance to the task at hand, we value hard work as a team effort in embracing integrity, honesty, discipline, and respect.
  5. We are here to inspire, prepare, empower, and serve as the link to people of all ages, well and unwell in the healthcare world.
  6. We are committed to service, striving for excellence in education and produce successful graduates, imbibing the same values we have to every single student we encounter.
  7. Our company values our production of successful professionals as a valuable contribution to and transformation of the healthcare world.


4523 W. Hearn Rd.,
Glendale, AZ 85306
Text Us @602-332-7290